Exploring the Features of Bodywel Electric Bike’s Controls and Display

Electric bikes have revolutionized urban mobility, offering an eco-friendly, efficient, and fun way to travel. All Bodywel models come equipped with an intuitive LED display and user-friendly controls that enhance your riding experience. Let’s dive into the specifics of these features that make Bodywel e-bikes stand out.

Power On and Gearing Up
To start your journey, simply press the power button for 2 seconds. This action brings the LED display to life, illuminating a dashboard that keeps you informed and in control. The display will switch off automatically after 10 minutes when the motor is stationary and the display is not operated. The display is not only your gateway to the bike’s functionalities but also ensures that all your settings are just a glance away.Adjustable Assistance Levels
The Bodywel power assist ebike features four distinct assistance levels, allowing you to tailor the riding experience to your needs:
– Level 0: No motor assistance, turning your e-bike into a traditional bicycle.
– Level 1: Offers a gentle boost, capping the maximum speed at 10 km/h—perfect for leisurely rides or crowded areas.
– Level 2: Increases the pace to a maximum of 18 km/h, ideal for faster urban travel.
– Level 3: Reaches up to 25 km/h, enabling you to cover longer distances quickly and with less effort.

Switching between these modes is seamless, using the “+” or “-” buttons, even while riding. This feature allows riders to adjust their speed according to their comfort level and the riding conditions, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Bodywel’s Ebikes are lightweight step through electric bikes, of course, if one wants to push the ebike with the aid of ebike motor, press and hold the “-” button to activate the 6 km/h walking assist mode. Release the button to turn off the walking assist mode.

Lighting and Display Adjustments
The “M” button on your Bodywel assist hybrid electric bike serves multiple purposes:
– Press once: Turns the front light on or off, enhancing visibility during early morning rides or evening commutes.
– Press twice: Toggles between displaying distances in miles or kilometers, catering to regional preferences.
– Press three times: Switches the display between ODO (total distance) and TRIP (distance covered in a single journey), helping you track your cycling activity accurately. TRIP is displayed by default after power up.
– Reset ODO (Total Mileage): To reset the total mileage recorded, click and hold the “+” and “-” buttons together, then press “M” three times. This action will clear the ODO reading, allowing you to start fresh.
Reset Bluetooth: For resetting the Bluetooth connection, click and hold the “+” and “-” buttons together and then click “M” six times. This procedure clears previous Bluetooth pairings, making the device ready to connect anew. If you are unable to find the Bodywel icon in the Tuya Smart app after powering on your bike, it is necessary to unbind the Bluetooth first and then attempt to reconnect your phone with the bike.

Connectivity and Maintenance Features
The Bodywel e-bike’s display not only shows you the current gear and operational status but also alerts you to the connectivity status of lights and Bluetooth, ensuring all systems are functioning as they should. This integration enhances your bike’s smart capabilities, allowing for a connected and responsive riding experience.
Additionally, when the e-bike encounters a malfunction, the display will show corresponding fault codes, prompting you to check your bike immediately. Typically, upon seeing a fault code, you should contact a Bodywel engineer to help you repair ebike. This proactive approach helps maintain the optimal performance of your e-bike and ensures a safer riding experience.

Battery Life Indicator
The ebike battery life is crucial for planning your trips, and our display makes it easy to monitor. The battery indicator on the display is divided into five segments (one red, one orange, three white), each representing a level of charge:
– Full Charge: All five segments are lit, indicating a fully charged battery. As you consume battery power, the segments extinguish from left to right, providing a clear visual of remaining power.
– Low Charge: When only the red and orange segments are lit, it’s time to recharge to avoid running out of power mid-journey.

Bodywel electric bike’s LED display and controls are designed to make your ride as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. With these features, you can manage your bike’s performance, ensure your safety, and enhance your overall riding experience. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring cityscapes, or enjoying a leisurely ride in the park, Bodywel e-bike empowers you with technology that adapts to your needs and lifestyle.